The Band

Sean Webb - Lead Vocalist


Sean has been singing in bands for over 9 years. He joined New Generation in 2014 showing his expertise and experience in every performance. He is a very confident front man for the band demonstrating a wide variety of vocal abillities.


Adey Bryant- Bass Guitarist


Adey is the 'anchor man' of the band and a big contributor of sound, with his twisting , melodic bass lines , thumping rhythm and tight groove. He has played in numerous bands over the years and is also an adapt guitarist and keyboard player. A little unknown fact ! . He is also an international cartoonist and illustrator, his work has appeared in thousands of publications worldwide.


Dusan Obradovic- Drummer


Dusan started playing the drums at the age of ten giving him alot of experience. He first became a member of a band at the age of 12 who were called T-Zers where they won a talent show at Baileys Nightclub chain where he toured in clubs . using his knowledge of music he went on to do many years of session drumming for various bands and theatres in london and the uk. He also played in a band called Oblivion who wrote their own music.

He formed Crash and Burn in 2008 as a three piece which went on to become 5 piece New Generation Crash and Burn. Dusan is presently working as a full time musician with the band and teaching people to fulfil their dreams in the music career.


Cam Logan - Keyboards & backing vocals.


He started playing classical piano music when he was 9 years old and during his teenage years played church organ at weddings and piano music in bars and restaurants.

He joined his first rock band at the age of 21 and has been playing in various rock and function bands since then. He joined New Generation in 2014 .




Aaron Oliver- Guitarist & backing vocals


Talented from the age of 12 playing the guitar plus drums, Aaron has played in a number of bands, ranging from rock bands, pop bands and acoustic duos, expanding his style and abilities and always able to entertain an audience.

His character and playing technique gives the band the twist you love and enjoy.